About Kelly Prestwood

Artist Blacksmith and Founder of MATRIX Metalworks and Design

I love being a blacksmith and designer. Its what I was created to do. Most of the work that leaves my studio are commissioned projects. These projects can range from small gifts to the up-fitting an entire home or retail space. The joy of commission work is that I get the opportunity to fulfill someone else's vision. It is your vision that matters to me and I do my very best to meet or exceed your expectations.

Other metal work that I enjoy doing is what is referred to as functional or sculptural art. These pieces can range from wine racks to free form sculpture. The joy of this type of work is that I get the opportunity to fulfill my vision.

Some of my commercial commissions include:

  • Biltmore Station
  • Studio Chavaria
  • Old Europe Café
  • Z-Lounge
  • The Oxford Place
  • The Marketplace Restaurant
  • Porter and Prince
  • The Orange Peel
  • Oliver's House (Chicken Hill)
  • Mobilia


I invite you to enjoy browsing my ever-growing portfolio; one of which I am proud of. Feel free to stop by our studio in Alexander, North Carolina to put your hands on some of the metal work that my hands have had the privilege of making.

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